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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Omamori Himari 01 - Big Boobs Always Win

おまもりひまり Protective Charm Himari

Double Ds vs B cup.

Despite this being the OP it was actually used as the ED for episode 1.

"Oshichau zo!! (押しちゃうぞ!!)" by AyaRuka

First Impressions: This show is a lot better than I gave it credit for. The art, the music (though I can't say that for some parts of the show), and the plot all kind of sank in easily. It wasn't too cheesy and I didn't find any parts that annoy me which is hard to come by, Rinko didn't turn out to be another Izumi from Ookamikakushi. That pretty much takes out all the negatives. There's definitely some heavy fan service but nothing as strong as Queen's Blade which I find as a plus. Other then that, my only real beef is that Yuuto is...allergic to cats, that's just fail. Okay, maybe I lied, there is one other thing that bothered me. I thought the Ayakashi had a pretty dumb introduction and overall appearance. It was mostly a black screen with floating eyes and a deep voice that expressed it's urge to kill Yuuto. They could have left that part out and have that one girl show up at the end of the episode still saying her lines and we would've been fine. The Ayakashi in this episode was terribly ugly.

The art is the the first thing you'd notice when you start watching this. The show can be pretty cute at times. The main plot of episode one is jealous female friend vs mysterious boob lady who has cat AND swordsman traits. That's where most of the humor reside. The Ayakashi seemed pretty pathetic to me, they came to kill Yuuto but they controlled his friend instead...If you have to power to control people wouldn't you want to control the one you want to kill? That's like if I wanted to kill someone I know, and instead of killing him straightforward, I proceed to kill his friend with a gun instead and physically stab the person I intended to kill in the first place at his friend's funeral. But I guess it wouldn't be fair If we killed Yuuto right off the bat, is it?

Summery: It's Yuuto's 16th birthday and Rinko and Yuuto were walking to school one day where they met a mysterious school girl that knew Yuuto. At lunch, Rinko pulls Yuuto to the roof where Yuuto's friend barged in possessed by a demon. The mysterious school girl shows up again to destroy the demon and tells Yuuto about their ancestor's pact. Rinko becomes jealous of Himari's stature and challenges her to a series of challenges which Himari sweeps her in all the challenges.

Final Thoughts: The speed and pace the show moved through was excellent this episode. The cat ears could have been better but this was okay too. The summery this time is kept simple without too much spoilers. I'd recommend watching it for full enjoyment if you need a comedy show. My rating is a 3 out of 5 samurai kitties. Hard subs suck, I really hope some other team comes along with soft subs.


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